Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Don't bother me, I'm directing my dream.

Wow...used to think it was kind of pathetic to fabricate one's own subconscious. There was a point, about halfway through college that I realized i just didn't dream as much so, the ever resourceful person I am, I started making them up. It's fun, especially when cute boys are involved, or watching someone get what's coming to them or my personal favorites, flying over the coast of Dungeness and then switching instantly as I zoom over the Vale of the White Horse, (some images will be forever burned into my brain) and knowing that it's all me baby. I own it, I control it, screw the unconscious mind. Is it comforting to steadily learn that I am not such a freak after all? Hmmmm.....

links via The New York Times, Visit Vale, Urban 75

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