Friday, February 29, 2008

small observation...

Ashanti is back. If you read that fragmented sentence with the same level of enthusiasm I had when I typed it, that just about says it all. Don't get me wrong, her songs were cute, catchy, heavily reliant on expensive production beats. There was just almost something I found a tad bit annoying about her, I don't know. Of course she has been replaced by the queen of annoying catchy music, Beyonce and this is my reason for posting. Isn't this video just basically a Beyonce video but with someone else singing it? Same art direction, very similar costume choices, same cheesy, pointless melodrama. Originality, where art thou?

link via Spike TV

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jane Fonda is my new hero...sort of, for today.

Not going to waste time explaining this because it's been done already. Just watch it and laugh and then laugh some more at Meredith Viera's "apology".

And then laugh some more because Jane Fonda is an old lady who knew exactly what the hell she was saying. Diane Keaton was my hero, sort of, a couple of weeks ago for this. What is going on with old ladies lately? If this is what I have to look forward to then god, I can't wait. I'm going to be a mess. A hot mess.


Sometimes irony is not a good thing. Say for instance, when you're writing a humor column and you compare two photographs of two black men who look nothing alike and one of them is wearing sunglasses. Maybe it's ironic because it's not funny but then that actually makes it funny for like a second...wait, no, it's not funny and now my head hurts. (sigh) If the media is trying so hard to prove that things are getting better in this country, they might want to start by not saying all Black people look alike. Just a thought....then again something tells me thought was not a factor when this NY Times "piece" (that term is being used sooooo loosely right now) was written. (sigh again)

Ridiculousness courtesy of The New York Times

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Could this be a perfect day?

I swear, it's like someone said: "Here you go, you earned it, smile all day."
This was Tuesday:
Cable went out (sucks)
Dead tired from class (sucks in a good way, kind of)
Passed out with my shoes on.

Wednesday Morning:
1010 WINS (best morning radio station when you need to wake the hell up) Announces that Obama is in the lead, and....Uno the beagle, who is almost as cute as my Baby, won Westminster, for the first time ever. I am constantly torn about the fact that I love Dog shows but my own children will never get to be in one. However, I love the beagle and this one is so cute I want to wretch. Which makes today perfect! (Even with all the rain which I don't even mind cause I get to strut in my bubble umbrella which I LOVE.) is good, for today at least.

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