Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This is a tough one for me

Lord knows I loves me some John Mayer. For starters, just look at him. Even when he wasn't the sexy beast that he is now, there was definitely a certain something about him (and of course he knows this)that drives the chickies wild. Oh yes, and his songs are not bad either. My music tastes are much like my taste in film, it's all over the place and I will listen to anything at least once, mostly to back up my elaborate and elegant flair for talking smack. Yes, he is most definitely a little too on the popcorn spectrum of music at times but the boy can play his arse off on guitar. Don't hate, the man is talented. Like I have said in a previous blog about music, he has mastered voicing what slightly nerdy girls and boys who daydream too much, who fall in love too easily, who don't really want to grow up, constantly think. I am glad I discovered him later in my twenties as opposed to my last years of college. I would have been a complete mess. 3x5? That song is my last year of college....anyway, the point of this was to say that while I am officially coming out of the closet to more than just one of my more non- judgemental friends about being a fan, I completely get why there are so many people who absolutely loathe his persona and his music. He wears his heart on his sleeve and while silly girls are eating it up,(and record companies are eating up their silliness in profit) their boyfriends are getting pissed because they have to become something a little more. How hilarious was it to go the concert this summer in L.I. and see hundreds of guys sitting with their girlfriends with the serious, "kill me, kill me now" look on their faces? It was classic. He has mastered the art of being super famous and still being a regular, actually likable guy, and when he's being an "insufferable douche", we love him even more. That being said, while I resent being called "an offense to retarded primates" just because I am a JM fan, this fake blog by Gordon Ramsay was pretty damn funny. Hey, maybe douches of a feather.....

Pics via LaineyGossip, The Daily Mail
Link via Newsgroper, TMZ

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