Saturday, September 27, 2008

Seriously though....

Memo to the writers of True Blood:

Okay, I get it. People down South don't really work or go grocery shopping or even eat but they sure like to have sex. Human, breathing people, dead vampire people, Black people, white people, gay and straight people. They have kinky sex, rough sex, chained up vampire sex, guilt sex, mercy sex, bored sex, they have sex with themselves. They drink alot before and after having sex, they even pop pills. They think about having sex, they dream about it and they talk about it, alot. They tie each other up, they videotape each other having sex, they do the oral thing, they growl and thrash about while having sex, they die while having sex. They do it all. Have I covered everything? Cause you sure have. In three episodes, which equals three lost hours of my life. Let's start getting around to an actually watchable television show because I'm nearly done. Thank you.



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