Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Could this be a perfect day?

I swear, it's like someone said: "Here you go, you earned it, smile all day."
This was Tuesday:
Cable went out (sucks)
Dead tired from class (sucks in a good way, kind of)
Passed out with my shoes on.

Wednesday Morning:
1010 WINS (best morning radio station when you need to wake the hell up) Announces that Obama is in the lead, and....Uno the beagle, who is almost as cute as my Baby, won Westminster, for the first time ever. I am constantly torn about the fact that I love Dog shows but my own children will never get to be in one. However, I love the beagle and this one is so cute I want to wretch. Which makes today perfect! (Even with all the rain which I don't even mind cause I get to strut in my bubble umbrella which I LOVE.) is good, for today at least.

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